Its the weekend, lets have some fun.

Is the sun shining in your part of the world?

Grab your Dharma Bums and go out and enjoy this gorgeous earth we live on.happy dharma

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Yoga, dance, gym or track – Dharma Bums have the gear for you. Move in style with a burst of vibrant colour & fresh designs. Printed leggings, High Performance Compression Leggings, Running Shorts, Singlets & Sports Bras.

Dharma Bums  believe everyone has the right to be treated kindly, with respect and in a fair way. Therefore they make sure they only use manufacturers that share the same values. This means every person involved with bringing our product to life is treated with respect, works in  safe, clean conditions and receives a fair pay.Just another reason to love Australian made Dharm Bums

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Pretty in Pink Leggings


Working out this Wednesday?



Take the plunge

Today I want us to think about why we work out.  For fitness, for weight loss, for those amazing endorphins that make us feel euphoric or just for fun. Do we even need to call it a work out? Of course we don’t need to call it a work out. I only do because  I like to alliteration with the days of the week.

hoop workout

I personally exercise for sanity. Time to be alone with my own thoughts. Just being me. Not busy a mum or a business owner, just me. Enjoying all the things my body can do. Yes there are niggly pains and discomfort at times but the time to think , the rush of endorphins and some great photo opportunities make it all worth while.

workout wednesday

Choose to be happy

We don’t need to be training for an event or have have a fitness goal in mind. We just need to move our bodies to keep them going. Don’t get me wrong it is perfectly okay to have a  fitness goal but not essential. So take a walk.Go for a swim Take a class. Try something new. Have fun. Love what your body is capable of.



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What is Every body dance?  I often ask myself this exact question. What is Every body dance?

In the beginning we started with a vision of a little dance wear store to service the needs of dance families. We thought we would sell shoes, leotards and bobby pins.

How wrong could we have been? Don’t get me wrong we do sell a lot of shoes,leotards and bobby pins but our little shop is so much more.

We share the lives of our ‘Every body dance’ friends. We hear about their dreams,desires and disappointments . We celebrate the achievements like learning to do a ballet bun,holding that yoga pose for a little longer than previously possible or making it on the  stage at the very first competition.

We encourage.

We encourage what society would consider plus size people to move and dance and love their bodies. We encourage the tiny tots in their tutu’s and wings to believe in fairies and magic.We encourage the boys who love dance but are concerned of what people may think, to just go to class without fear of judgement.We encourage that couple in their 50’s to take the classes they have never found time for.

I think most of all we encourage people regardless of age, gender or race to love their bodies.To nourish their soul by moving their body.

Gymnastics,pole dancing,yoga, ballroom,swing,ballet,jazz,tap,pilates the list goes on. How ever you chose to move your body we are here to share the journey with you.

Every Body Dance xoxo

jupiter florida photography tutu

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